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Achieving and maintaining peak performance is a necessity in order to succeed and surpass others at the professional level. The margin for success is extremely small, therefore every little detail matters.

Nutritional planning is a vital part of any athlete's regimen. We have an in-house nutritionist who will handle meal preparation and supplement advisory so that you can keep your mind on training and perfecting your craft.

Your dietary health is crucial to laying a foundation for success, but when you're playing and training as hard as you can, injuries can happen. We have a strong network of doctors and trainers who will get you back to playing the game you love as quickly and safely as possible.

All this leads to maximum performance, which results in a longer career and more fiscal success.


We help our clients make deals with brands that represent mutual core values. Every client is a valued member of the Arion family, and we work tirelessly for the athletes we represent. This dedication applies to all players, whether a client is a household name, a rookie, or a minor league athlete, they will receive our expert help in finding great brands that are willing to bet on rising stars.

NFL draft prep

truth about the draft process

An experienced agent who has relationships with NFL teams like we do can:

  • Help market you to teams

  • Provide you with top Combine training

  • Help guide you through the draft process

However, your production in college and performance during the draft process will ultimately determine where you get drafted.

Which is why the most important reasons you are hiring an agent are:

  • The day to day to work helping you get to your second contract

  • Their ability to get you paid life changing money in your second money in your second contract

  • Helping you prepare for life beyond football

combine training

This is our investment into you. We provide only the best NFL Combine Training to our players. We sit down with you and your family and examine your individual situation to determine which facility is right for you.


  • State of the art facilities

  • Programs with proven results

  • Combine drill specific training

  • Position specific training

  • Interview & media training

  • Wonderlic test Prep


  • Customized meal plan prepared for you

  • Furnished apartment

  • Your own rental car

  • Per diem to live on

breakdown of the draft process

All Star Game

The Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl is one of the nation's most prestigious all-star games. Located annually in Mobile, Alabama, the event includes a fun week of interviews with teams, practices, and Senior Bowl sponsored events.

Each team is coached by the full-staff of an NFL team. The game will be broadcasted on the NFL Network.

The Senior Bowl and other all-star games similar to it are valuable to NFL teams for several reasons.

Teams get to see the best college players going up against one another in position-specific drills and in game situations.

Teams get the chance to interview you for the first time and get to sit down face to face to learn more about you as a person.

NFL Combine

The NFL combine is by invitation only. In a given year there are about 332 players invited to the NFL Combine and about 250 of those invitations are sent out prior to your bowl games being completed.

Players receive invited based on the scouting of BLETSO and National Football Scouting (independent scouting groups that make their own evaluation of players separate from NFL teams). No agent, player or coach have any say in whether a player receives an invite to the NFL Combine.

The Combine is a time when teams are concentrating on evaluating your athletic abilities. Combine measurable consist of physical tests, the Wonderlic, size measurements and physicals.

The Combine is valuable to NFL teams for several reasons:

  • Teams get to see players at the same position doing the same measurable tests and position-specific drills.

  • Teams get to officially weigh and measure players

  • Teams have their individual doctors perform in depth physicals on every player

  • Teams can see how players perform under the stress and pressure that is present.

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